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Corporate car Hire provides a luxury driver experience at an affordable price.

Why Use a Corporate Car Chauffeur Service?

Our Drivers

Our corporate chauffeurs go through extensive training and, therefore, know how to treat clients well. Knowing that they may be transporting important businesspeople, our drivers are known for their professionalism and discretion. If it’s your first time in Ireland, we can also offer tours of Cork and Ireland with our trained drivers.

Brand Image

First impressions are all about image. If you want to impress that CEO of a big multinational, then there is no point organising a taxi to pick him/her up from the airport. Ensure they travel to their destination in comfort and in style.

Concierge Service

Trying to get your hands on concert tickets or booking tables in restaurants may be time consuming. However, if you’re travelling with us, we can take care of all of this. Now you can dedicate more time to entertaining your guest rather than running around trying to organise the day.

Who Are We?

Providing a chauffeur service in Cork and Munster for over 3 years.

What We Offer

Here’s just some services corporate car hire has to offer, for more information click below.


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